Turn 2021’s Black Friday, Green

We all know Thanksgiving means turkey, rolls, and potatoes, not only on Thanksgiving Day, but for days, if not weeks, afterward! It’s easy to grow tired of using the same food on end, so we launched #GreenFriday, a call to use avocados to spruce up your Thanksgiving leftovers and help minimize food gone to waste around the holiday.

Here are some of our favorites to inspire your leftover creations this year:

For a new variation of a Thanksgiving breakfast, try making our avocado aioli to add to your leftover turkey and potatoes. Fry an egg on top, and voilà!

If Thanksgiving didn't offer enough turkey for you, make this Green Friday frittata. Think sautéed peppers and onions, warmly-stirred tortilla strips, and heavy-whipped eggs, all combined to round out last night's turkey.

Sometimes those leftovers will last long into the week after Thanksgiving Day. These turkey taquitos will help you forget you’ve had turkey over and over and are perfect to make for larger groups. Post-Thanksgiving Taco Tuesday, perhaps?

If you happen to make any of the above, we’d love to see it! Tag us on social media, @MissionAvocados.

Happy Feastin’.

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