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Our Story
Begins Here

We got our start by farming and shipping avocados from California. Today we continue to farm throughout California and have developed partnerships with the state’s top growers to provide high-quality avocados to markets all over the globe.

Avocados from California


Growing Conditions

California avocados are grown along southern and central coastal regions with plenty of sunshine.


  • Bumpy, bright green skin when unripe


  • Skin will darken during ripening

California Avocado Availability

January - October

Limited Edition From California

The California GEM avocado variety from Mission Produce is only available from spring through summer. Renowned for its luxurious, creamy consistency and delightful buttery, nutty flavor, this high-value variety is poised to become the centerpiece of your Avocado category.

  • Larger in Size
  • Easy to Peel
  • Nutty and Buttery Flavor
  • Similar Ripening to Hass Avocado
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Grower Relations

Our team of avocado experts manage farming operations throughout Ventura County, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County and work closely with more than a thousand growers throughout California to provide counsel on agronomy, nutrition, irrigation, pest management, harvest coordination and food safety compliance.

Precision Farming

We tailor our precision agriculture practices to suit the unique environmental needs of each growing region which allows us to promote healthy tree growth, preserve natural resources and improve biodiversity. In our California operations our precision farming methods include:

  • Advanced Water Treatment and Sustainable Irrigation
  • Fertigation Management
  • Nutritional Monitoring and Optimization
  • Biodiversity Preservation