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Trusted Resources from one of the Largest Providers of Avocados in the World

Mission Produce™ is one of the largest providers of avocados globally, with unparalleled access to domestic and international markets. We aim to provide strong returns to the entire supply chain, including our grower partners. Use these resources to plan your year and contact our field team to learn more about growing with us.

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Meet our California Field Team

Quality and profitability throughout the supply chain starts in the field. High-quality avocados are in high demand across the globe and our team of avocado specialists are on hand to help you in every aspect of your growing and harvesting operation. We’re here to help you succeed.

Northern Territories

Gabe Filipe Senior Director of California Sourcing and Farming 805.797.3548
Connor Huser Regional Grower Relations Manager 661.472.9641
Dale Sanders Grower Relations Manager 805.443.9970
Blake Petrucci Regional Farm Manager/ Grower Relations 559.289.4056

Southern Territories

Albert Munoz Regional Grower Relations Manager 760.594.1459
Scott Scarbrough Grower Relations Manager 760.802.1031

Field Support

Daniel Klittich Director of Agronomy 805.625.4994
Emily Guerra Sourcing Administrator 805.981.3650 ext. 1168
Emma Sertich Field Food Safety and Supply Chain Specialist 805.585.5932
Lily Gutierrez Executive Assistant 805.981.3650 ext. 1037