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Food Safety Is Our Top Priority

Food safety is a top priority in every aspect of growing, packing and shipping avocados to market. Mission Produce implements Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Harvesting Practices (GHP) where we grow and conduct a quarterly food safety training for our grower network in California. Mission also has boots-on-the-ground grower support teams to help all our growers achieve certification.

We understand that food safety and quality start in the field, but it doesn’t end there. All of our facilities across the globe are GFSI certified under BRC, IFS or PrimusGFS and are fully compliant with regulations like FSMA, SFCR, HACCP and the Codex Alimentarius. Select origins are also Rainforest Alliance certified.

Our international food safety staff is comprised of scientists, engineers, sanitation professionals and global food safety experts. Our team oversees all our operations and has established a comprehensive microbiological program with validated pathogen reductions steps to reduce risk. Our global sanitation program includes daily protein and extensive pathogen testing.

We also implement internationally recognized global health and safety programs that are designed to safeguard our workers and position them for success.


We partner with universities and scientific experts to establish and validate our food safety programs which include microbiological sampling, pre- and post-harvest applications and water treatment. Our dedicated staff of scientific experts maintain and monitor these programs with continuous improvement in mind.


We sanitize all our facilities on a daily basis using well tested and trialed sanitation solutions and rely on 3rd party verification from industry experts to validate our sanitation program and processes. We also implement random and surprise sanitation audits to ensure that all zones of production follow strict standards.


We believe in a proactive approach to food safety and staff expert trainers who teach and coach our employees on FSMA, HACCP, BRC, PrimusGFS, GGAP, crisis management, risk assessment, root causality and more.