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We Started in California, but Didn’t Stop There

"‘Here for Good’ is our commitment to celebrating the good we stand for on a global scale. Since 1983, Mission Produce has been ‘here for good’– the good of our workforce, the good of our communities and the good of the environment. And in line with our 40-year history, we’re here for the long run.” - Steve Barnard, Chief Executive Officer

Mission Produce™ was founded in 1983 by produce industry veterans and avocado growers Steve Barnard and Ed Williams. They saw the potential for avocados early and started building the groundwork for what is now the world's most advanced avocado network.

For 40 years, we have invested in people, state-of-the-art technology, and avocado-specific infrastructure to expertly serve our customers, growers, and partners. Throughout our history, we have remained rooted in honesty, respect, and loyalty to provide a year-round supply of high-quality fruit from field to fork.

Today we’re still a passionate, driven company with one thing on our mind—grow and market the world's finest avocados.


Mission Produce™ established in Oxnard, CA


Mission de Mexico in Uruapan, Michoacán Mexico established


Began exporting Mexican fruit to Asian, European and Canadian markets


First avocado handler to import from Chile


Built the first avocado ripening center and launched the first avocado ripe program with Ralphs in California


One of the first to import Mexican avocados to the US with USDA approval

Began importing avocados from New Zealand


Began shipping Peruvian fruit to Canada


Opened eighth regional ripening center with the ability to service all of North America with ripe avocados


Began packing fruit in Santiago, Chile

One of the first to import Peruvian avocados into the US


Began planting 2,600 hectares of Hass avocados in Peru


Opened sales office and distribution center in the Netherlands


Built one of North America’s largest and most technologically advanced packaging facility in Oxnard, CA


Began construction of ripening rooms at distribution facility in the Netherlands

Completed one of the world’s largest avocado packing facility in Chao, Peru


Announced Mr. Avocado, a joint venture with Lantao and Pagoda, along with the opening of the first avocado ripening facility in China

Opened ripening facility in Breda, Netherlands

Mission launched Minis, Small but Mighty

Mission announced partnership with Cartama, one of the largest avocado suppliers in Colombia


Mission launched Emeralds in the Rough—a program designed to promote imperfect avocados

Mission Foodservice division created

Mission became the sole owner of farming and packing operations in Peru


Mission launched READY- a merchandising program encouraging retailers to carry two ripe stages


Mission launched Jumbos 'More to Eat, More to Love'

Mission established South African operations in partnership with ZZ2

Mission become a publicly traded company


Mission Established South African Operations

Mission Entered the Mango Category

Mission Launched Inaugural Environmental, Social, Governance Report

Mission Opened Newest Mega-Center in Laredo, TX