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Year-Round Supply from a Trusted Partner

Mission Produce is one of the most experienced suppliers of high-quality avocados to Asia and the Pacific Rim. We are grounded in values centered around honesty, respect and loyalty.

GLOBAL Headquarters: Oxnard, California

Total Supply Chain Control Total Quality

We control every aspect of the supply chain and expertly manage every detail throughout our global network to ensure consistency and quality in every order.

Premier Avocado Origins

We work directly with growers in California, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic with full in-country support and representation to help make sure all of our quality and food safety standards are met.

Mission Produce™ Global

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World-Class Customer Service and Sales Support

Our knowledgeable team of avocado experts provide our partners with valuable marketplace insights and world-class customer service.

Industry Leading Food Safety, Risk Mitigation and Social Compliance

Our farming, packing and distribution facilities throughout our avocado network abide by globally recognized food safety and social compliance certification programs. We staff 10 full-time food safety, quality assurance employees who oversee all of our operations and have established a 400-point microbiological and pathogen reduction program. Our global sanitation program implemented in all of our facilities includes daily testing and extensive pathogen reduction steps.

We also implement internationally recognized global health and safety programs that are designed to safeguard our workers and position them for success. Our global sanitation program conducts daily testing and maintains extensive pathogen reduction steps. Our health and safety programs safeguard our workers worldwide.

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