5 Stages of Ripeness

Color is NOT always an indicator of ripeness. The best way to judge ripeness is to feel for uniform softness.

Fresh off the tree, the avocado is very hard with no give. Approximately 5+ days until ripe if held at room temperature.
Ripening has begun, but the avocado is still very firm. Approximately 4-5+ days until ripe if held at room temperature.
As it ripens the avocado is firm, but yields slightly to pressure. Approximately 2 days until ripe if held at room temperature.
The avocado is ripe and yields slightly to gentle pressure. Best for slices and cubes.
The avocado is ripe and yields easily to gentle pressure. Best for mashing and guacamole.

Our Ripening Network

Mission Produce has built one of the world’s largest and most advanced avocado-specific ripening and forward distribution network on the planet. Our industry-leading ripening technology and custom-tailored ripening solutions have become a global benchmark for quality.

Tailor-Made Ripening Programs

Create a custom program that is perfectly tailored to your retail or foodservice environment and merchandising strategy. We can deliver shipments of multi-stage fruit or avocados that are ready-to-eat.

We’re able to service the majority of our customer base with custom orders within 24-48 hours.

Each of our ripening centers has a full-time staff of industry leading ripening specialists.

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