Huddle Up: Mission Produce, Inc.’s Emeralds in the End Zone Campaign is Back

Oxnard, CA – December 19, 2019 –

Mission Produce, Inc., the world’s most advanced avocado network, is bringing back its Emeralds in the End Zone campaign to guarantee retailers and consumers big wins this football season. With the college bowl season upon us and the pro football playoffs rapidly approaching, retailers have the opportunity to increase their bottom line by taking advantage of what the trees are producing. The winning play is simple: During the weeks leading up to The Big Game, capitalize on the high volume of grade 2 avocados and increased avocado demand by carrying Mission Produce’s Emeralds in the Rough. This culminates two weeks before The Big Game with retailers promoting Emeralds in the Rough as the perfect party size pack, then switching to bulk ripe fruit the week before for those last-minute shoppers.

“The market is experiencing sizeable volumes of grade 2 avocados providing plenty of product to take advantage of competitive pricing for Emeralds in the Rough. There is no better time to advertise this winning game day party pack than during the weeks preceding The Big Game,” said Sr. Director of Business Development Patrick Cortes. Emeralds in the Rough are two-or three-pound bags of grade 2, beautifully-blemished avocados.

“By promoting Emeralds in the Rough now, retailers can benefit from incremental lifts and maximize profits while also appealing to value shoppers who are indifferent toward the fruit’s outward appearance. The rough-around-the-edges grade 2 avocados are as tastefully delicious as the grade 1 fruit but priced at an average lower cost,” added Cortes.

“In addition to this, retailers will make it to the end zone by using smart merchandising and incorporating the Emeralds in the End Zone campaign into their advertisement efforts,” said Director of Marketing Denise Junqueiro. Mission Produce is confident its Emeralds in the End Zone point of sale material will intercept shoppers’ attention, as it is eye-catching and effectively communicates the value of grade 2 avocados. “Emeralds in the Rough avocados might look like hard-nose middle linebackers, but they’re buttery, smooth and a cost-effective way for consumers to secure that game day guacamole. Our Emeralds in the End Zone campaign speaks to shoppers and we know that this promotion will have them ‘running back’ for more,” said Junqueiro.

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