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Oxnard, Calif. – November 28, 2023 – Mission Produce, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVO) (“Mission” or “the Company”) a world leader in sourcing, producing, and distributing fresh Hass avocados, today announced its 2023 global giving results to positively impact its surrounding communities. Contributing to causes supporting children, families, and agriculture education, Mission Produce aims to cultivate a better future for generations to come.

“We have a unique opportunity to give back to our people and communities around the world,” said Steve Barnard, Chief Executive Officer. “We’re extremely grateful for the thousands of people working with Mission – on our farms, in our packhouses, at our distribution centers – so, we intentionally invest in the areas we believe can have a lasting impact on our people and their communities. Through our contributions, we aim to enhance their quality of life, promote a safe environment, and improve access to essential resources.”

Mission Produce’s community giving highlights from 2023 include:

“Our community development teams are passionate about our global giving initiatives, and I’m proud of their efforts to represent Mission Produce across the globe.,” added Barnard.

More details on Mission Produce’s community giving from 2023 will be published in its FY 2023 Sustainability report, expected for publication in Spring 2024. For more information on Mission Produce’s community investment, visit