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Oxnard, Calif. – July 9, 2024 – Mission Produce, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVO) (“Mission” or “the Company”) a world leader in sourcing, producing, and distributing fresh Hass avocados, today released insights on the thriving category performance of organic avocados in the U.S. ahead of the Organic Produce Summit in Monterey, Calif, from July 10-11, 2024.

“Rising demand for organic produce1 continues to elevate the importance of a strong organic category for retailers across the nation,” said Megan Berenbach, Director of Sales. “As the volume growth of organic produce continues to outpace that of conventional,1 Mission Produce remains the go-to source for fresh, organically grown avocados. With a reliable year-round supply and nationwide distribution, we’re supporting our retail partners in developing their organic categories to meet demand and capitalize on profitable programming opportunities. I’m looking forward to sharing our latest insights at OPS so our partners can discover the Mission Advantage toward a more profitable organic category for avocados and mangos.”

Compared to 2023, the volume sales of organic avocados increased by 19%, outperforming the 7% rise of organic produce overall.1 As the demand for organic avocados grows,1 Mission continues to invest additional resources into organic programs, pursuing innovative ways to support and develop the category. Mission’s organic avocado supply is currently coming from Mexico, Peru, and California, and Mission’s organic mango supply is coming from Mexico.

“Organic shoppers are extremely valuable to retail performance– organic shoppers spend 89% more on organic avocados than the traditional shopper spends on conventional avocados,”2 added Berenbach. “Catering to the organic shopper requires strategic merchandising, and with Mission Produce’s marketplace intelligence and expert category management, we’re confident our partnership can support strong category performance.”

Mission’s organic growers are certified by USDA-accredited inspectors and are audited annually on the requirements set by the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990. Mission’s organic products include bulk organic avocados, packaged World’s Finest Organic Avocados, packaged Mission Minis Organic Avocados and organic mangos.

Mission Produce will be showcasing its complete organic product line at booth #321. For more organic intel, or to schedule a meeting with Mission’s team at OPS, email

End Notes

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