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Mission Produce™ Releases its FY 2023 Annual Sustainability Report

Oxnard, Calif. – April 1, 2024 – Mission Produce, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVO) (“Mission” or “the Company”) a world leader in sourcing, producing, and distributing fresh Hass avocados, today announced the release of its fiscal 2023 sustainability report, “Finest for the Future,” which is the Company’s fourth annual sustainability report to communicate on Mission’s operating procedures, projects, achievements and use of resources. Mission Produce’s sustainability strategy centers around three pillars: people, product and planet.

“Every year, we strive to build on the progress we’ve made to promote a more sustainable future for generations to come,” said Steve Barnard, Chief Executive Officer, Mission Produce. “We’ve implemented initiatives throughout our global supply chain to help us be more environmentally and socially impactful. I’m proud of the positive contributions we’ve made on our surrounding communities and the intentionality we bring to using our resources efficiently and mindfully.”

Achievements from fiscal 2023 include:

To learn more about Mission Produce’s sustainability efforts and read the full report, visit

  1. Calculated using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Equivalencies Calculator