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Oxnard, Calif. – April 9, 2024 – Mission Produce, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVO) (“Mission” or “the Company”) a world leader in sourcing, producing, and distributing fresh Hass avocados, today announced it will be promoting its spring avocado and mango programs at the Texas International Produce Association’s Viva Fresh Produce Expo from April 11-13, 2024, in Houston, Texas.

"With Cinco de Mayo coming up, we’re looking forward to setting our partners up for success this Spring with a reliable supply of ripe avocados and mangos,” said Galen Johnson, Senior Director of Foodservice and Wholesale. “Spring is a key time for retailers and restaurants to take advantage of peak consumption windows, such as the Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day holidays,1 so we'll be showing our partners how they can benefit from the Mission Advantage with upcoming promotion opportunities. With our diversified sourcing strategy, we are positioned to provide a reliable supply from premium growing regions around the globe.”

Mission Produce’s AvoIntel shows that avocado and mango shoppers greatly overlap– 87% of mango shoppers buy avocados, and 42% of avocado shoppers buy mangos.2 Additionally, Cinco de Mayo shoppers who purchased both avocados and mangos in 2023 had 63% higher basket spends on average.3

“Avocados and mangos are synergistic commodities– and they’re both basket builders.2 We're not only dedicated to delivering the world’s finest avocados and mangos, but to supporting our partners in achieving profitable growth with custom ripe programs and category management leadership,” added Johnson.

This summer, Mission will be sourcing avocados from California, Mexico, and its vertically integrated farms in Peru, and mangos primarily from Mexico with supplemental volume from Guatemala and Nicaragua. Mission will also feature its new packaging for GEM avocados, a California-grown variety available for a limited time in the summer months.

For more information on Mission’s product offerings this season, or to schedule a meeting at Viva Fresh, contact Visit the Mission Produce team at Viva Fresh booth #823.

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