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Driving Reliable Supply with Vertical Integration

Mission Produce is vertically integrated in Peru and is the largest exporter of avocados from the country.* Our Peruvian avocado program provides an alternative supply source during summer avocado season with the convenience of set pricing and scheduling. And our Peruvian mango program is a reliable supply source of a key mango variety to fill any gaps for year-round supply of this delicious tropical fruit.

We make it easy to set up your avocado and mango programs and leave the rest of the work to us.

*Fluctuante. AgroExportaciones Peruanas. 2023.

Avocados from Peru


Growing Conditions

Our Peruvian Avocados enjoy a Mediterranean climate and are grown along picturesque beaches in the highlands off the northern coast and central desert regions.


  • Thick, bumpy skin.
  • May turn amber or red when ripe.


  • Thick skin may not darken when ripe.
  • Thick skin may feel firm even when ripe.

Peru Avocado Availability

March - October

Mangos from Peru



Growing Conditions

The Peruvian climate and soil allow for some of the best growing conditions for select varieties of mangos.


  • Large, oval shape.
  • Dark green with dark red blush


  • Yellow undertones or dots cover more of mango as it ripens.

Peru Mango Availability

December - April

Managing Quality

Our Peruvian operation consists of thousands of Mission team members across our farms and facilities, who are passionate about the quality of our product from field to fork. By managing the cultivation and harvest of our products we are able to strengthen supply reliability, enhance product oversight and drive quality control.

Investing in Technology

Mission has invested in hydrocooling technology that is applied directly in the field before it enters our packing facility. This strategic postharvest practice helps us extend shelf life, minimizes fruit damage, and promotes the long-lasting quality of our avocados.