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AvoIntel: Don't Fumble The Game-Time Guac

Ready for it? The biggest AVO-CCASION of the year! The Big Game is just two short months away and the question on everyone’s minds is, “Which teams are going head-to-head in February?"

Aside from speculating about the latest rivalry, the other draw of the Big Game is undoubtedly the food and drink. 20% of viewers said that food and drinks are their favorite part of the Big Game – nearly as many as the game itself!1 In fact, 84% of the big game viewers said that snacks are very important when watching the game.1

And what could be a more quintessential game-time snack than guacamole? 34% of Big Game viewers said that guacamole is a game-time staple2. Of these guac-fans, two-thirds plan to buy avocados at the store and make their own2. Last year, over 21 million U.S. households 3 spent a whopping $52 million dollars 4 on avocados during the one week before the Big Game!

Retailers can meet shopper expectations and drive sales of avocados by ensuring that their avocados are ripe and guac ready. Over half (51%) of avocado purchases are made only a day or two before game time so shoppers don’t have time to allow their avocados to ripen at home5. We recommend promoting bags of avocados two weeks before to give shoppers the opportunity to stock up, then promoting ripe bulk the week of.

Make sure your displays are prepped with expertly staged fruit to take advantage of the big weekend!

For foodservice, there is typically a small uptick in sales, but generally, the Big Game tends to be very home-centric. 70% of consumers watch the game at home with members of their households, while only 10% go to a bar or restaurant. However, even during times of great retail demand, like the upcoming Big Game, count on Mission Produce to continue to meet our customer’s needs due to our diversified sourcing program to address any potential supply gaps.

Connect with our sales team to make your pregame orders!

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