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AvoIntel: Organic Avocados and The Value of Merchandising

Organic Avocado Shoppers Spend More

Organic sales are increasing! Since 2018, organic avocado sales are up 25% and grew at double the rate of conventional avocados (13%). Nationally organic avocado sales now exceed $150MM annually 1

Consumers who are committed to organic foods are valuable avocado shoppers. Their annual spend on avocados is nearly double that of consumers who say they are not committed to organics. Shoppers who expressed a commitment to organics spent more not just on organic avocados, but conventional as well. 2

That said, very few shoppers are exclusive organic shoppers. While 15% of US households purchased avocados in the last year, less than 1% of households purchased organics exclusively. 2

Opportunity: Connect with the Organic Shoppers Through Promotions and Merchandising to Grow Organic Sales

Given the value of an organic avocado shopper, it's more important than ever to provide them with organic options that are easy to find. Use the merchandising tips below to bolster your organic avocado category and optimize your department for success!

1. Incorporate Organic Avocado Bags
Organic bags not only reduce shrink at the register (organic and conventional bulk avocados looks awfully similar!), but can appeal to shoppers looking for bagged avocados as well.

2. Merchandise Organic Alongside Conventional
Merchandise organics near conventional as an easy to shop, avocado destination. If you look at the chart above, even shoppers who say they are not committed to organics spent over $7 in the last year on organic avocados! Making organics easy to find in store is key to driving purchases.

3. Promote Organics
Shoppers are more likely to consider organics if a sale sign catches their eye. It is also a good opportunity to remind your shoppers that your store is a one stop shop for all organics.

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(1) Circana, Total U.S. MULO, Calendar year 2018 through 52 weeks ending 10/29/23
(2) Numerator Insights 12 months ending Sept 2023

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