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AvoIntel: Bagged Avocado Sales Growth is on the Rise

Retail sales of bagged avocados doubled in the last five years making bags an increasingly important part of the category.1 Nearly half of all avocado shoppers and 70% of heavy avocado shoppers bought bags last year.2

Mission’s bagged avocados are available in a variety of size, count and grade configurations designed to satisfy every consumer need. While we can’t control what the tree produces, we source avocados from eleven countries to ensure our customers have the best year-round access to in-demand sizes.

Mission Produce Bag Programs

Mission Jumbos
Historically, Peruvian avocados have skewed toward bigger sizes, allowing us to supply Jumbos – a club-sized pack of size 40’s and larger designed for traditional grocery retailers.

Mission Minis
Colombian fruit is generally smaller sized with an abundance of size 84’s, perfect for single-serve Minis.

Emeralds in The Rough®
Currently, trees in both Mexico and California are producing a large percentage of grade 2 fruit, which means there may be hot buys on Emeralds in The Rough® – a mix-sized bag of beautifully blemished avocados.

Limited Edition Gems
When locally grown resonates with your shopper, consider California Gem avocados – a lesser known, but equally delicious new variety.

Mission Organics
Peruvian organics are entering the marketplace, providing steady volume and price as supplies diminish from other origins.

For more category insights and information on a bag program that's right for you, connect with our AvoIntel™ team at

1Circana, Total U.S. – MULO, 2023 vs. 2018
Numerator Insights, Shopper Metrics report, 2023. Heavy avocado shoppers defined as making 20+ purchase trips in a year

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