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AvoIntel: Serving Cinco de Mayo Sales with Avocados and Mangos

As the industry gears up for Cinco de Mayo, our retail, wholesale, and foodservice partners are poised for yet another ‘fruitful’ fiesta with the World’s Finest Avocados and Mangos. This time, Mission Produce is exploring the dynamic, and profitable, relationship between avocados and mangos in preparation for holiday promotions.

According to a recent study by Numerator, the enthusiasm for Cinco de Mayo celebrations is growing rapidly in the U.S., with nearly 25 million U.S. households planning to partake this year—an impressive 10% increase from 2023.1 As Cinco de Mayo brings friends and families together, it's not without a feast of tacos, taquitos, and, of course, plenty of avocados!

Cinco de Mayo has emerged as a pivotal moment for avocado consumption, with retail volume sales spiking by 19% last year alone.2 However, what's truly intriguing is the parallel surge in mango volume sales, which experienced a remarkable 34% increase during the same period.2

Even more fascinating is the revelation that when avocados and mangos are purchased together for Cinco de Mayo, the average basket value jumps to $110—an impressive 62% higher than the average produce basket.3 This trend underscores the value of strategically merchandising avocados and mangos together, alongside complementary items, to captivate the Cinco shopper.

Digging deeper into consumer behavior, research shows that 87% of mango shoppers also buy avocados, and conversely, 42% of avocado shoppers include mangos in their purchases.4 This overlap highlights significant demographic similarities between these two consumer groups, offering a compelling opportunity for cross-promotion and collaborative marketing strategies within the produce aisle.

Beyond retail, the foodservice sector is poised for a surge in demand as Americans flock to restaurants and bars for Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Approximately 37% of celebrators plan to dine out, while an additional 12% intend to order takeout or delivery.1 For food service operators, having an ample supply of ripe avocados and mangos is crucial to meeting the demand for guacamole, salsa, mango margaritas, and other festive dishes.

As we approach Cinco de Mayo, category managers in the avocado industry have a golden opportunity to leverage the synergy between avocados and mangos, capitalizing on consumer preferences and boosting basket values. By strategically aligning merchandising efforts, retailers can maximize sales during this vibrant celebration of Mexican culture and cuisine. Let's make this Cinco de Mayo a fiesta to remember—with avocados and mangos leading the charge!

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